IBS Score

Principle od IBS Score

IBS Score puts emphasis on the following attributes:

  1. usage of IBS components;
  2. utilization of standardized components based on MS 1064;
  3. repetition of structural layout; and
  4. usage of other productivity-enhancing solutions such as volumetric modular units, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Modular gridlines.

 Higher IBS Score is a reflection of higher productivity, reduction of site labor, lower wastages, less site materials, cleaner environment, better quality, neater and safer construction sites, faster project completion as well as lower total construction costs.

 The method of determining the IBS Score is designed to be a simple but effective process. Points are awarded based on the IBS Factors of the structural and wall elements that are used. The high repetitiveness in the design, as well as other simplified construction solutions, shall also contribute to the total score. The points are summed up to give the IBS Score of a building. The method of calculating IBS Score for the whole project that consists of a group of buildings is also provided in this Manual.