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IBS is playing a proactive role in supporting the human capital development !

All the programmes are formulated in order to provide reference of supply chain database in executing both government and private IBS projects.


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Contractor Name Biz/Co./Cooperative Reg. No. CIDB Reg. No. Action
J B C ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. 53518D 1960315-WP000676 View
S & R AMBANG GLOBAL MA0130006M 0120090326-ML122694 View
RRY SEJAHTERA SDN. BHD. 138205T 0120050830-PP106152 View
CM USAHA ENTERPRISE AS0234171V 0120020327-PS069615 View
SYARIKAT SURIA JAYA 000654743T 1961029-PH010839 View
PRO MATERIAL VENTURES SDN.BHD. 523404A 0120080203-PS116850 View
YOK MAJU ENTERPRISE MA0086472D 0120090625-JH124312 View
KEMUDI HARTA SDN. BHD. 351343A 0120010227-SR062502 View
MNI GEMILANG ENTERPRISE SDN. BHD. 960749U 0120120510-PS142547 View
SAZA BERKAT ENTERPRISE MA0041346X 0120040424-ML094687 View
ALMO CONSTRUCTION 001215894H 0120020103-WP067526 View
MOZACO CONSTRUCTION 781930 0120030924-SR088756 View
ALLOY CONSOLIDATED SDN. BHD. 9850H 1970429-SL030191 View
WASARAYA CONSTRUCTION SDN. BHD. 363110M 0120030801-SR086924 View
SELEKTA SPEKTRUM SDN. BHD. 249025P 1971004-SL043607 View
MINFAJAYA SDN. BHD. 450965K 0120010111-SB061716 View
SRI HBA ENTERPRISE 001483569T 0120040526-SL095530 View
IZIN CERGAS SDN. BHD. 413381W 1981013-PP049022 View
RMD MEGASURIA SDN. BHD. 497227M 0120001107-SL060762 View
KONSORTIUM MEGAH EMPAT SDN. BHD. 411881A 0120001128-NS061113 View
ZAKARIA BIN JANTAN MA0002245V 1970408-ML027900 View
AZLI & LIN ENTERPRISE JR0004312K 0120090331-JH122758 View
ZAMRI SIDEK ENTERPRISE NS0018785P 0120020325-NS069570 View
NAJID BUILDERS SDN. BHD. 257033T 1961022-WP009825 View
NORMATEK SDN.BHD. 825449D 0120090312-PH122463 View
G TRUE RESOURCES SDN BHD 1169021V 0120160217-NS170903 View
SEMPURNA BINA JM0149729U 1960827-ML004720 View
DENKEY ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. 132469W 1960727-JH003510 View
PRAGMATIC GAIN SDN. BHD. 380171X 1981216-SR050088 View
SULAWI GROUP SDN BHD 742297P 0120080403-JH117655 View