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All the programmes are formulated in order to provide reference of supply chain database in executing both government and private IBS projects.


Manufacturer & Product Registration Programme

a scheme to assess and certify IBS manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and agents of IBS products, based on a set of certification requisites.

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Contractor Registration Programme

a scheme to accredit and list all contractors that have undergone IBS management courses provided by CIDB.

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IBS Installer Programme

a scheme to verified skilled worker in installing IBS component who is gainfully employed in Malaysia for an occupational area and level as well as the pathway to acquire the required competencies.

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IBS Consultant Listing Programme

a scheme to list all IBS consultants mainly architect, civil and structural engineers, quantity surveyor, mechanical and electrical engineers which have involved in IBS projects and undergone certain IBS courses required.

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IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment & Certification (IMPACT)

IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment & Certification – IMPACT program involve application process, assessment procedure, application approval and certification before being recognized as a manufacturer of IBS components registered with CIDB Malaysia. Getting your IBS Products certified with CIDB Malaysia increasing the commercial value of the product through a form of product quality assurance.

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